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Fosters Legacy Foundation Website 

Colour Urbanus collaborated with the Foster Legacy Foundation to create an engaging website celebrating Negro League Baseball and its founder. The goal was to design a platform that honors the legacy of the Negro League and promotes awareness of its history and contributions to the sport.

Key components of the website include:

  • History and Legacy: Detailed information about the Negro League Baseball, its teams, players, and historical significance, highlighting the foundation's mission to preserve this important legacy.

  • Founder Tribute: A dedicated section honoring the founder of the Negro League and showcasing his impact on baseball and civil rights.

  • Videos: Engaging videos featuring interviews, documentaries, and highlights

Fosters Legacy Website.png

      from Negro League games, providing an immersive experience for visitors to learn more about this rich history.

  • Online Store: An online store offering merchandise such as apparel, memorabilia, books, and educational materials related to Negro League Baseball, allowing supporters to contribute to the foundation's mission through purchases.

  • Events and Programs: Information about upcoming events, exhibitions, and educational programs organized by the foundation to promote awareness and appreciation of Negro League Baseball.

  • Community Outreach: Details about community outreach initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations aimed at preserving and promoting the legacy of Negro League Baseball.

  • Donation and Support: Options for visitors to donate to the Foster Legacy Foundation or become members, supporting their efforts to preserve and celebrate Negro League history.

This website serves as a valuable resource for fans, historians, educators, and anyone interested in learning about the rich heritage of Negro League Baseball and its enduring impact on American sports and culture.

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