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Projects: Logos

New Jerusalem Baptist Church

Designing a logo for New Jerusalem Baptist Church involved a creative process focused on faith, community, and tradition:


Our process began with a deep understanding of New Jerusalem Baptist Church’s core values and mission, emphasizing spiritual growth, community service, and a commitment to spreading the teachings of Christianity. We researched the target audience and the unique aspects they aimed to convey through their logo.


Concept development revolved around themes of faith, reverence, and unity. We envisioned a design that captured the essence of New Jerusalem Baptist Church’s dedication to providing spiritual guidance and fostering a strong community. The logo needed to communicate devotion, tradition, and a welcoming environment.

Moving into the design phase, we carefully selected elements that reflected New Jerusalem Baptist Church’s identity. The logo featured a shield as the central element, symbolizing protection and faith. The shield was adorned with a golden


cross and the letters “NJB” prominently displayed, representing the church’s name and its foundational Christian values.


Surrounding the shield were symbols of doves and a Bible, emphasizing peace, the Holy Spirit, and the church’s commitment to biblical teachings. The doves added a sense of serenity and spirituality, while the Bible symbolized the source of faith and knowledge.


The color palette included royal purple and gold, creating a sense of majesty and reverence. Purple symbolized spirituality and wisdom, while gold represented divinity and eternal value.


Technical considerations such as scalability, legibility, and color contrast were meticulously addressed to ensure that the logo could be effectively used across various marketing materials, church signage, apparel, and digital platforms, maintaining its impact and visual appeal.


The final result was a logo that encapsulated New Jerusalem Baptist Church’s identity as a devout and community-focused place of worship. The design elements, including the shield, golden cross, doves, and Bible, communicated the church’s mission to provide spiritual guidance and foster a strong community and faith among its congregation.

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