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Projects: Logos

Pete's Creations

Designing a logo for Pete’s Creations, an on-demand graphics printing fulfillment business, involved a creative process focused on creativity, efficiency, and personalization:


Our process began with a deep understanding of Pete’s Creations’ core values and mission, emphasizing providing high-quality, custom graphic printing services with quick turnaround times. We researched the target audience and the unique aspects they aimed to convey through their logo.


Concept development revolved around themes of innovation, service, and craftsmanship. We envisioned a design that captured the essence of Pete’s Creations’ dedication to delivering exceptional print products tailored to each customer’s needs. The logo needed to communicate creativity, reliability, and a sense of approachability.

Moving into the design phase, we carefully selected elements that reflected Pete’s Creations’ identity. The logo featured a friendly and dynamic character representing Pete, standing confidently between tables filled with printing equipment, signifying the hands-on, personalized service offered by the


business. The character’s pose and smile conveyed a welcoming and professional attitude.


The typography for “Pete’s Creations” was chosen to be bold and playful, reflecting the creative and vibrant nature of the business. The use of blue and red colors added a sense of trust and energy, with blue symbolizing reliability and professionalism, and red symbolizing passion and creativity.


The backdrop of the logo was kept simple with a gradient light blue, ensuring that the focus remained on the character and the printing equipment, while also evoking a sense of clarity and modernity.


Technical considerations such as scalability, legibility, and color contrast were meticulously addressed to ensure that the logo could be effectively used across various marketing materials, website, business cards, and digital platforms, maintaining its impact and visual appeal.


The final result was a logo that encapsulated Pete’s Creations’ identity as a reliable and creative on-demand graphics printing fulfillment business. The design elements, including the dynamic character, printing equipment, and bold typography, communicated the company’s mission to provide personalized, high-quality printing services with a friendly and professional approach.

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