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Projects: Logos

Wimberly Farms

Designing a logo for Wimberly Farms, a family-owned grain farming company, involved a creative process focused on sustainability, growth, and tradition:


Our process began with a deep understanding of Wimberly Farms’ core values and mission, which emphasize producing high-quality grains and a commitment to sustainable farming practices. We researched the target audience and the unique aspects they aimed to convey through their logo.


Concept development revolved around themes of nature, cultivation, and heritage. We envisioned a design that captured the essence of Wimberly Farms’ dedication to nurturing the land and providing excellent grain products—the logo needed to communicate natural growth, reliability, and a connection to the earth.


Moving into the design phase, we carefully selected elements that reflected Wimberly Farms’ identity. The logo featured a stylized wheat sheaf, representing the primary product of the farm and symbolizing abundance and harvest. The wheat sheaf was enclosed in a circular shape, suggesting unity, continuity, and the cyclical nature of farming.

“Wimberly Farms” typography was organic and flowing, mirroring the natural growth and care put into farming. Green and golden hues created a harmonious and earthy color palette, with green symbolizing


growth, sustainability, and nature, while gold represented the ripeness and quality of the grains.


The logo's background was kept simple with a gradient light blue sky, ensuring that the focus remained on the wheat sheaf and the farm’s name while also evoking a sense of openness and fresh air typical of a farm environment.


Technical considerations such as scalability, legibility, and color contrast were meticulously addressed to ensure that the logo could be effectively used across various marketing materials, packaging, business cards, and digital platforms, maintaining its impact and visual appeal.


The final result was a logo encapsulating Wimberly Farms’ identity as a reliable and dedicated grain farming company. The design elements, including the stylized wheat sheaf, organic typography, and earthy color palette, communicated the company’s mission to provide high-quality grains through sustainable and traditional farming practices.

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