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Princess Anne,MD Main Street Website 

Colour Urbanus collaborated with the Town of Princess Anne, MD, to develop a vibrant website highlighting Main Street's local businesses and community activities. The goal was to create an engaging and informative platform showcasing this small town's charm and offerings.

Key components of the website include:

  • Business Directory: A comprehensive listing of local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and services, with detailed descriptions and contact information.

  • Event Calendar: An interactive calendar featuring upcoming events, festivals, and activities in Princess Anne, encouraging community participation and engagement.

  • Historical Highlights: Information about the town's history, landmarks, and cultural heritage showcasing its unique character and appeal.

Princess Anne Main Street Website.png
  • Local News and Updates: Blog or news section with updates on town developments, business spotlights, and community initiatives, keeping residents and visitors informed.

  • Community Resources: Links to important resources such as town services, government offices, schools, and local organizations, providing valuable information to residents and newcomers.

  • Photo Galleries: Visual showcases of Main Street's scenic beauty, events, and attractions, highlighting the town's picturesque setting and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Visitor Information: Tips for visitors, including parking details, accommodation options, and recommended activities, to enhance their experience in Princess Anne.

  • This website serves as a hub for promoting Princess Anne's Main Street, fostering a sense of community pride, and encouraging support for local businesses and events.

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