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Case Studies

"Pop Your Trunk" Advertising Campaign

CLIENT: AutoZone


CHALLENGE: Old school advertising methods were no longer cutting it for one of Memphis’ major corporations’ subsidiary brands--Memphis Car Audio. It was time to go new school. As the creative lead, we pumped up their traditional advertising in a meaningful, entertaining way—and on a limited budget. 


SOLUTION:  The “Pop Your Trunk” online video contest. Car audio enthusiasts could upload videos showing the world “their Memphis,” and become part of an online community rating, interact and comment on videos. Want numbers to get your bass thumping? The contest generated 890,745 impressions with a CPI of only $0.05. Video viewings reached 111,229, with the winning video alone receiving 11,895 views and 1,613 ratings. And only $6,000 was spent on paid media. 

DoD office of Children and Youth Toolkit

CLIENT:  Dept. of Defense, Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, Office of Children and Youth


PROCESS/PRODUCT:  Colour Urbanus developed a comprehensive Press Toolkit detailing the protocol involved in opening new or expanded child development and youth centers on military installations worldwide. This toolkit focused greater attention on military families on child development, increased spaces to accommodate more children in the CDC’s on military installations, and supported base re-alignment and mobilization initiatives.


OUTCOME:  The protocol resulted in a host of action items completed by participants, and a plan to reconvene in 6-12 months to report back on progress made.

"What Moves You" Media Blitz

CLIENT:  Smith and Nephew 

CHALLENGE: Studies have shown that people hate surgery. So, the challenge was coming up with a way to sell a knee replacement to someone who’s  terrified of surgery. 

SOLUTION: Tap the patients’ desire to get back to what moves them, which is exactly what our “What moves you?” campaign did. 

PRODUCT: A news story placed by  Colour Urbanus penetrated 58 markets, garnering 2.5 million impressions. 

OUTCOMES: JOURNEY Knee's Philadelphia Flower Show sponsorship boosted local lead conversion from 40% to 64%.  Fifty-three percent of the target audience who saw the television ads responded. Ninety-two percent responded via the website. Search Engine Marketing achieved a 20.68% overall conversion. Surveys said that 57% of respondents made an appointment with a physician.

SAMHSA Marketing Campaign

CLIENT: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Substance Abuse Treatment Services



PRODUCTS: Video and DVD featuring the speaker presentations for the General Sessions. The DVD cover was designed with photos taken from the conference by a professional photographer and distributed to everyone who attended.  The website design was created to capture the essence of Leadership in Action. The theme was used for all conference related materials to include the Save-the-Date flyer, Logistic letters, Agendas, Participant lists, program books, and directional signage and posters.

Family Child Care Toolkit for First Sargeants

U.S. Air Force Office of Family Matters Public Awareness Campaign for the Air Force Promote Family Child Care Program


Under a 16-month contract with the U.S. Air Force, Colour Urbanus designed and conducted a multifaceted public awareness campaign aimed at increasing use of Family Child Care (FCC) homes as the child care option of choice among Air Force service members and their families.


A Family Child Care (FCC) Toolkit for the U.S. Air Force Family Child Care (FCC) Coordinators to hold briefings with their leadership, the First Sergeants, about the FCC programs on their base. Materials included a binder with briefing details, information for off-base child care, parents’ frequently asked questions, an FCC program profile, a DVD, a CD-ROM, briefing evaluation tools, and various promotional items (mouse pads, T-shirts, tote bags, etc.).



Results of focus group interviews and data collected from surveys of FCC providers and First Sergeants indicated increased use of successful strategies to promote the FCC program and gradual improvements in attitudes of parents toward the FCC program in general.

Continuous Growth Academy Website Development

CLIENT: Continuous Growth Academy 

THE CHALLENGE: The non-profit Continuous Growth Academy had an innovative program that worked to develop and implement academic enhancement strategies and provide support and the necessary foundation for youth to evolve into conscientious and contributing members of society. This was primarily Continuous Growth Academy marketed via paper and mail. Communication between the non-profit org and its target audience was slow and cumbersome and the administrative costs were high.


THE SOLUTION: The web site allows families and organizations such as the Baltimore City Schools to register children and track their participation in the program. Children were awarded incentives as they reach certain milestones.

Wimberly Farms Website Redevelopment and Relaunch

CLIENT: Wimberly Farms, Inc. 

THE CHALLENGE: The family-based farming company wanted to increase its brand and online presence in the soybean, barley, wheat and corn industries along with is seed cleaning service. Their need was to quickly be noticed regionally and nationally by consumers to increase revenue. 

THE SOLUTION: I planned and developed the site from the ground up – from how it integrated with the wider marketing and social media programs to information architecture and look and feel. My approach to content was light, blending key features and benefits with graphic tools to make product functionality compelling and quick to grasp. I also structured it to be accessible for users with various levels of email marketing expertise. 

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